Genuine Italian atmosphere around the stunning scenery of the Lake Orta.

Lake Orta (Lago D’orta) is a small but also a very beautiful lake in Piamonte.  If you want to enjoy the peace and leisure of a small Italian village on your holiday then the village of Orta san Giulio is a brilliant choice.  The beautiful beach boulevard has palms, cafes, ice cream bars and tempting tiny shops. This village has the original Italian atmosphere that you won’t easily find from many places. A perfect place to spend a romantica holiday just the two of you.

Lake Cruisine 2023:

Isola San Giulio:

  • A gorgeous monastery island located in the middle of the lake. It is 275m long and 140m wide.
  • There is a restaurancalledt Ristorante San Giulio on the island
  • Definitely worth visiting


  • In the north of the lake is this municipality where it’s pleasant to spend a day, wandering around the small shops and in between have a awesome Italian ice cream on a cafe’s terrace.

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