Crystal clear water and beautiful mountains

Fusine lakes are located near Tarvisio. They are considered to be among the most beautiful Alpine lakes and that’s what they really are.

Walking towards the lakes there is a gorgeous, heavily flowing stream running beside the road.

The lakes are near to each other and in the middle you will find a restaurant and public toilets. The are has several benches and tables so you can easily enjoy your packed lunch while you are there. Dogs must be kept on the leash.

Lago Superiore = the upper lake is 929m above sea level. It has area of 9ha and the max. depth is 10m.

Lago Inferiore =  the lower lake is 924m above sea level. It has area of 13,5ha and the max. depth is 25m. There is a path going around the lake and it takes approximately half an hour to walk.

On the beach of Lago Inferione is located a cafeteria that has a terrace that is partly built over the lake.

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