A breath taking route that you will never forget.

Passo Gavia is located in the Italian Alps at 2652m. It is the tenth highest paved road in the Alps. This route is used especially by motorbikers. It can be driven by car also but being one of the most beautiful alpine road, it is also at the same time of the most difficult one to drive. Please take your time to visit this place.

  • The Passo Gavia road is often used as a route for Giro d’Italia road cycling competition.
  • On top you will find a cafe / restaurant and a souvenir shop.
  • The road is closed from October until end of May.
  • Even in the summer if the weather is wet or foggy we don’t recommend driving up.
  • There will be quite cold on the top so warm clothes are necessary.
  • https://www.passogavia.it/

Passo Gavia has a stunning panorama view over Ortler and Adamello mountain ranges that are over 3km high. In addition to the stunning view you may also see marmots.

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